The good news is that Grandpa’s house sold, this past week, after all the time and energy everyone put into getting it in shape to do so, this makes me happy to see it come to fruition.

A couple of weeks ago Whirl and I traveled down to Peoria to help my mom get Grandpa’s house fixed up to sell. Fortunately we went the weekend between the two snowstorms. The week before we left, we got about eight inches of snow. The weekend after we got back, we got about fifteen inches.

There were six of us: Whirl, mom, my aunt Kathy, my uncle Skip, my uncle Larry and me. Mom also had some folks she’d hired to help with the cleaning, who agreed to trade some time with a roller and brush for an old freezer.
We spent four hours Friday afternoon, all day Saturday and a couple more hours on Sunday painting the entire place.

The color scheme — which Dad tells me existed in the house previous to this one, as well — consisted of some rather odd pink and green choices. We went over everything with at least two coats of a clean ivory. And when we were finished, it was a startling improvement. I’m glad to learn that it all paid off.