Now that the surgery is over and the stitches are out, I’m cleared to head back to outpatient therapy. I’m pleased to announce that therapy is going well. I’m finding that I’m regaining some of the abilities that I had lost. I can taste most foods now, for example, which is rather exciting. I like food. Being able to taste makes eating much more enjoyable. My sense of balance is slowly starting to return. And my level of endurance is growing. Much of my therapy is concentrated on these physical things. I go to therapy for about eight hours a day, and usually three to five of those hours are focused on physical therapy.

So, it’s sorta like going to a gym for the brain-addled.

In any event it seems to be helping. I feel better, both physically and mentally about myself. I feel like I am improving which is doing wonders for my self-esteem.

And the haircut helped.

Friday, after I had the stitches removed I treated myself to a haircut. I had the rest of the crazy neurosurgeon hairdo clippered off, so that all my hair is a nice neat eighth of an inch long all the way around my skull. I haven’t had hair this short since I was in high school and we would shave our heads for the big championship meets at the end of the year.

Anyway, I like the haircut. Probably most of my like for it comes from my dislike for the crazy buzz saw haircut I got in the operating room. That one just had to go.

Interesting side story: my barber was from Bulgaria, and when she saw the scars on my head from the surgeries she asked me what had happened. So I told her. She smiled and informed me that in her culture they believed that people who had survived head injuries like mine were gifted with the ability to see the future.

So I guess that makes me like Johnny Smith from Stephen King’s The Dead Zone.