Sé mo laoch mo Ghile Mear
‘Sé mo Chaesar, Ghile Mear,
Suan ná séan ní bhfuaireas féin
Ó chuaigh i gcéin mo Ghile Mear

I have had a demanding month. The loudest voice making demands has been my workplace. We continue to lurch along at an awkward gait. The declared goal is: put together a cohesive set of studios around the world. Up until recently we operated only as a loosely affiliated hegemony. We shared a common stock symbol. We did not share much of anything else.

Even within a given studio location the balkanization was fierce— remains fierce. My work is often strained or blind-sided by these competing factions. I am overstating when I say competing. I do not believe that to be the case. What I believe is that the various principalities, baronies and fiefdoms are almost entirely ignorant of anyone else. In the end, they unwittingly make war upon one another. And like a poor free lance trapped in a post-Modern feudal system, I fight for and then against each liege lord in our Kafkaesque empire.

Again I am making a complaint.

Grief and pain are all I know
My heart is sore, My tears a’flow
Since o’er the seas we saw him go
No word we know to ease our woe

A proud and gallant chevalier
A highland lion of gentle mien
A fiery blade engaged to reap
He’d break the bravest in the field

I like the process— not to be confused with Der Prozeß, as alluded to earlier. Or rather I should say I like working toward the stated goal. I like the challenge of fitting a variety of pieces together in such a way that the whole is greater than the raw sum of the parts. In my previous entry I wrote of a division between difficult technological tasks and difficult social tasks. I am writing about this again because it is the union of these difficulties that is consuming much of my work.

I am unsurprised by my current interest. I notice these challenges at an increased level of difficulty. I see them with greater focus. This union composes a set of cases concerning executive function. I can recognize this fact more readily— more clearly— now. That does not necessarily aid me in resolving it. But I can see it.

I feel it. I know it.

Come sing his praise as sweet harps play
And proudly toast his noble name
As long as blood flows in your veins
So wish him strength and length of day