The wait for our vacation to commence has been utterly excruciating, but finally the day has arrived! Our flight, American Airlines #86, leaves O’hare at 4:45pm, bound for London. I’m excited. I’ve never been on a trans-Atlantic flight and I love to fly. I mean, I love to fly and it SHOWS!

Here’s how it went:

We made it to the airport in plenty of time to catch some lunch and a few beers pre-flight. At some point during our meal, Sean turned to me and smiled. “Holy shit! I feel fantastic. I can’t believe how relaxed I am right now. We’re going to GREECE!”

We clinked bottles and laughed. God, it was good to see him relaxed and smiling. Woot! As our plane lifted off an hour later, we clinked imaginary bottles again. My stomach gurgled a bit.

At first, I hated the proximity of our seats to the bathrooms. We were in the next to last row of seats on the plane and it didn’t smell so daisy fresh back there. But, after an hour, I was thanking God for our placement, because my insides weren’t liking something I’d eaten one tiny little bit. I was sick for the first 6 hours of the flight. The nice thing is, I was out of my seat running to the bathroom so much, my legs didn’t get cramped like all the other passenger’s legs did. Take that, everyone … else… sigh.

Well, still and all, I was on my way to Greece, so put that in your baklava and smoke it**!

[**This author and this website do not condone the smoking of baklava and will bear no responsibility for individuals attempting to smoke baklava or any other Greek pastries.]