I wake up surprisingly peppy, considering I’ve only managed to sleep an hour and a half. We pack, then stroll down to the lobby to check out. As we leave, I turn around and take one last look at the Trop. As fast as things change in Vegas, it’s always hard to know if she’ll still be around next year.

Thanks for yet another good trip, Lady Trop!

Awhile later, I watch Las Vegas shrink to nothing as our plane lifts into the sky. I smile and lay my head on Sean’s shoulder.

“You know what, hon?


“Life really is a highway.”

“Yeah. Ok,” he says, smooching my forehead. “Why don’t you try to get a little sleep, baby.”

“Yeah. Happy Brainniversary, by the way.”

Back home. The smell of the Trop moves in after having stowed away on our luggage and clothes. It stays with us a couple of days and then, finally, fades.