I am tempted to start this entry with a quote from Agent J from Men In Black II. “Old and busted; new hotness.” I know that phrase fails to capture either the tone or the facts of the latest change in my life. Still, I like the humor in it. It makes me smile. In the simplest terms I have resigned from my position at Midway Games and accepted a new position at the Chicago Tribune.

Those of you who know me may have realized there had been changes in direction for me just based on the recent books I have been reading. I know those hints do little to address the inevitable question as to why I left Midway. I am afraid that is going to remain private. I will not upbraid Midway or the people that worked there with me. This will have to do: the most concise answer is that I was not happy. When I combined that fact with several failed attempts to decrease my dissatisfaction the outlook grew dim. So I left.

I have come to accept my own sentimentality. And I admit that the idea of working for a newspaper is something I have thought about doing for a long time. My very first job was for a newspaper: I was a paper boy for five years. Perhaps I have come full circle. I cannot say in good conscience that I anticipated working in this particular aspect of the newspaper—running the networks that glue it together. Still, I am working for the paper. And that feels good. At the end of the new employee orientation program, they invited us into the front page meeting. Where the editors for the various sections of the paper sat down and went over their various possibilities to run on the front page of the paper.

That experience galvanized me: I had made the right decision. This is a place I could enjoy working. I have only been here a couple days and I am quite optimistic that it will be many more.