Yes. I realize that another of my favorite authors is releasing an important fantasy book on Friday at midnight. Yes, I am excited! Yes, I will read that book as well. Yes, I realize this is not that book. You see there is a slight problem. I lost out. I got to read Book Six first, so that means Whirl gets to read Book Seven first. So I needed to pick up something else– preferably something within the same genre.

And to just put it bluntly, I got distracted by something shiny. I saw the movie poster for Stardust. I recognized the title and looked more closely at the poster to doublecheck my suspicisions. I was right. The film is based on this novel by Neil Gaiman. As the novel concerns a quest for a fallen star– the very archetype of “something shiny”– I suppose my distraction and subsequent absorption were unavoidable consequences.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!