Living Dead in Dallas, Charlaine Harris The HBO series “True Blood” concluded its first season a couple weeks ago. The television storylines followed most of the first book, Dead Until Dark, fairly closely. But with about four episodes left in the season the television series veered off into territories not covered by the first volume of the book series. Now that Season One of “True Blood” is concluded, I’m interested to see where Alan Ball drew his inspiration. Living Dead in Dallas is the second novel in the Sookie Stackhouse vampire mystery series by Charlaine Harris. In this novel we return to Bon Temps and the now somewhat familiar supernatural world of telepaths, vampires and various other things that go bump in the night before heading off to Texas for further nocturnal adventures. These are quick, easy reads of not terribly weighty substance. I enjoyed Harris’ first book and Ball’s first season. So I’m coming back for more.

I’m amused more than anything. I also agree with Ross Wolinsky that there are at least 8 Things Modern Vampires Could Learn From The Lost Boys. I’m just sayin’.