My Stroke of Insight, Jill Bolte TaylorIn February 2008, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor gave a fascinating talk for TED about her experience with having a stroke. She called this life-changing event her stroke of insight. In the talk she explains the asymmetry of the brain in in vivid detail. She published a book about the same experiences, My Stroke of Insight. I’ve already written about my interest in Dr. Taylor — the Singing Scientist. I want to add that I have had the opportunity to read her book and to delve more deeply into her thoughts and opinions on brain trauma.

My interest in the brain — perception, cognition, language, reason, emotion — these things continue to consume me. I find references, allusions and reminders to my own experiences in the most unlikely places. It is comforting to me to see parallels in the experiences of others. It is enlightening to me to find new insights, and new approaches to what otherwise might be simple terror.

Taylor is a fascinating woman with a powerful story to tell.