Me Talk Pretty One Day, David SedarisMe Talk Pretty One Day is a collection of essays by David Sedaris. Sedaris has been a frequent contributor to Ira Glass’ Chicago Public Radio show This American Life on WBEZ. In fact several of the essays in this book were first read on This American Life. I’ve become an avid fan of Glass’ show. Most often I listen to it in podcast form. Very occasionally I will listen to it online, and once in a great while I will listen to it broadcast on the air. There’s a sort of timelessness to the show. After all, as Glass himself states, This American Life is not really a news show.

So it is out of my appreciation for This American Life that I have picked up Sedaris’ collection of mostly autobiographical essays. Reviews of the book have been almost universally laudatory. And after the bleak and powerful conclusion of Cormac McCarthy‘s The Road, I could use with a bit of a laugh.