Wabash TypefaceSomewhere through the course of the Monon Bell Classic this afternoon I relaxed. In twenty-two years, I have never seen such a one-sided bell game. Not ever. Victory was sweet. Victory was very sweet. The bell game is always the last game of the regular season, and DePauw was coming to Crawfordsville with an undefeated record. They left, Tiger tails between their legs, battered and beaten.

DePauw 0 Wabash 47.

Wabash College’s Little Giants turned in one of the most dominating performances in the 117 years of the Monon Bell Classic Saturday, hammering previously unbeaten DePauw, 47-0.

The Monon Bell Classic may not mean much to you, but it means a great deal to me. This is my alma mater we’re talking about. And in the four years I was a student at Wabash, we won the bell only one of them: my senior year. This year was the 100th consecutive year the two teams have played.

I had planned on watching the game at home as it was being televised on HDNet. However, I failed to recall that in April our cable provider had dropped that channel for unexplained reasons. So I was left to scramble for a place to see it. Whirl and I were the only two at the Tilted Kilt interested in this game, but the place was kind enough to put it up on one of the big plasma TVs for us and kept us refreshed with an endless supply of Goose Island Matilda.

Howard Hewitt provides full coverage and stats of the game. Read that while I sing “Old Wabash” once more.