Okay, okay, okay. I know all I’ve been doing on this blog is writing on and on about this incredible series of books by George R.R. Martin: The Song of Ice and Fire. I just finished the third book last night and picked up volume four, A Feast for Crows, on my way home tonight. I have just a few words to say about the last book, because I really want to get to reading. So, here you go. All you need to know about A Storm of Swords is summarized in one scene: The Red Wedding.

Remember how you felt about poor Ned’s beheading way back around page 700 of A Game of Thrones? Yeah. The Red Wedding is better.

And now here I am, almost 3000 pages into this epic, and I’m not even halfway done! All kinds of people are dead. Characters that I thought were wearing black hats are actually wearing white hats. Characters I thought were undoubtedly wearing white hats have traded them in for black ones. The cast has swelled tremendously. Dickens would eat his heart out. But Dickens never had dragons running around his Great Oven.

I gotta go!