Many Many Miniatures This morning I headed out of the house with my trusty camera early to catch the shuttle down to McCormick Place for C2E2. I didn’t go last year, but did attend the year before. The three-day Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo covers comic books, movies, television, toys, anime and video games. Artists, writers and celebrities come to discuss their projects with their fans while the show floor plays hosts to hundreds of exhibitors selling everything from collectable card games to steampunk fashion.

As in 2011, I decided on a one-day experience rather than three, and cherry-picked Saturday as the best of the choices.

I attended a pair of panels: the Patton Oswalt Q&A and the Ron Perlman Q&A. Patton Oswalt was basking in the glow of his extemporaneous fillibuster scene on “Parks and Recreation”. And despite the considerable amount of grief tossed his way by Brian Posehn on Twitter throughout the Q&A, Oswalt acquitted himself quite well. There were a number of questions about the scene from Parks and Rec, of course, and in the process he confessed that the whole thing was really a prank pulled by the other actors on the show. They just wanted to see how long Oswalt could go and never calling “cut”.

I met up with Farmboy and Princess after the Oswalt talk and we wandered around the floor looking for interesting things to look at. And I admit I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Natalie Dormer who was announced as attending. C’mon. Give me a break. She plays Margaery Tyrell on HBO’s “Game of Thrones”. Be honest, you’d want to get a look at her, too. But unfortunately she wasn’t there today; she’s scheduled to be on-site tomorrow.

So we settled for Ron Perlman. First of all. Perlman is a big man. I mean, you get that impression watching him on the screen, but to see him in person really drives the point home. He is a very big man. He spoke for some length about his career, spending a considerable amount of time discussing working with Guillermo del Toro, whom Perlman credits with much of his own success. Specifically getting a break with Chronos and then detailing del Toro’s ongoing campaign with studios to cast Perlman as the lead in Hellboy. And of course there were several questions about Perlman’s work in “Sons of Anarchy”– many of them pitched to elicit tidbits of information about the plot for next season. That tact didn’t prove particularly fruitful. One question did generate a surprising answer from the big man. Perlman confessed when asked about what his dream character, that he really would like to play Tevye in a stage production of Fiddler on the Roof.

Like last time I walked the floor between the panels and took in the environment looking for interesting things to shoot. I’ve published the full set of photos, but a few of my favorites from this year include: