20525197_10212296097789056_6161385892751995455_nWhirl and I spent this past weekend celebrating a milestone: twenty years of marriage. That hardly seems real and at the same time I cannot imagine my life without it being real.

To celebrate, we traveled with our friends to Indianapolis for Gen Con, the best four days in gaming. Games have been a huge part of our lives– both separately and together. We fell in love playing games together. It felt appropriate to mark this anniversary with four days filled with games. Board games. Card games. Role-playing games. Puzzle games. Tabletop games. Games, games and more games.

It was wonderful.

Highlights included a romantic dinner for two at St. Elmo Steak House on Wednesday night. I reconnected with one of my college roommates and slipped back into a game of D&D with him as if it were nearly thirty years ago. We reconnected with our Best Man and Maid of Honor and their two children. We survived True Dungeon!

Did I mention all the games? There were a lot of games. We didn’t sleep much. We played. We played a lot.

I think play just may be the secret to happiness.

Go. Go play.