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Tim passed quietly, surrounded by friends and family. In April of 2004, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor – a glioblastoma multiforme, which is the most invasive type of primary brain tumor. He went in for emergency surgery to have it removed and lived. My small, close family felt so thankful.

Tim always had an amazing spirit. He was one of the most positive and committed people I’ve ever met. He gave so much more than he took – from people, from the environment, from everything. It did not surprise me to see that he attacked this disease the same way. He rode his bike the many miles to the hospital for chemo and radiation. He told me that it was his goal to keep his body as fit as possible so that it would be up to the task of fighting. My mom spent a month with him in September of 2004. He lived in a commune devoted to self-sustaining, environmentally friendly, living. Every single second of his life was devoted to his convictions. What an inspiration. Mom said they gardened, rode bikes, talked, cooked, walked and just had a wonderful time together, laughing all the time. She said he was in great spirits.

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The good news is that Grandpa’s house sold, this past week, after all the time and energy everyone put into getting it in shape to do so, this makes me happy to see it come to fruition.

A couple of weeks ago Whirl and I traveled down to Peoria to help my mom get Grandpa’s house fixed up to sell. Fortunately we went the weekend between the two snowstorms. The week before we left, we got about eight inches of snow. The weekend after we got back, we got about fifteen inches.

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